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emocas asked:

omggggg man im so happy that you're in Fall Out Boy's Death Valley video!!!!!!! Fall Out Boy is my favorite band and Motley Crue is my other favorite band so you do not know how fucking excited I was when I found out that you were in it. I'm so so so happy. I was having a crappy day but you being in that video made it 3000x better.

Hahaha!  Thanks that was a blast to film!!  love those guys!!!

too-fast-for-duff asked:

Is this actually Tommy Lee? I feel stupid for asking that like it should be obvious or whatever. But if it is you then I wanted to say I love you and you're such an inspiration! I just finished reading The Dirt and I loved it! Any chance you guys are going on tour or coming to Europe next year? I'd love to see you guys!!!

Yup!!  its Meeeee!!  and Yes, we’ll be seein ya next year!!!

valleyofthed0ll asked:

When is courtney love's new record being released? I love you guys and because of hole I started to play guitar and write music. Even though there is the smallest chance ever I'm going to make it (because I'm from south africa) i just want to say hoe I look up to you. If you or courtney love ever notice me of just like my photos my life would be complete ❤️

Its been out for awhile!!!!

glammy89 asked:

Hi Tommy! Before I post my question, I´d like to say I´ve read your book and I´ve listened to your songs, and I´m very grateful to you not only for sharing your experiences, but also for letting me discover the very human and touching side behind you as a great musician. It has inspired me and given me strength. Thank you so much! Question: will you be performing the Final Tour in Madrid? I´ve never seen you before (I´m a very recent fan), and it would be my dream come true.

Thanks so much!!  and YES we’ll be there next year!!!

80srockqueen asked:

See you guys live soon, first time and last time at Summerfest Milwaukee WI July 4th. Will be my 2nd time seeing Alice Cooper since Raise The Dead Tour 2013. It'll be a "Sticky Sweet" summer for sure. Also Quiet Riot on June 21st.80's rock will never fade away. Love the four of you guys to pieces.

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