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trevintieken asked:

Just wanted to say thanks for being that dude that proves that no matter what age you are you can do what you want and still be a young kid at heart and kick ass at the same time, you prove that age doesnt mean a fuckin damn thing, your an inspiration... FUCK YEAH man, thank you :D

Thanks bud!!!

mermaid-wast3d asked:

Hey Tommy. I'm just having a really hard time in my life right now and have absolutely nobody to talk to. I have this crazy dream that one day I'm gonna be on a stage but I have no clue where to start. I'm honestly talented and I know this. But I can't get noticed in such a small town. I don't know maybe I'm chasing a dream that's never gonna come true. I guess I'm asking for advice or something. Figured no one better to ask than someone that's in the music industry.

Dont wonder where to start!! JUST START!!!!!

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